Please find below the safety precautions which will be in place at the studios until further notice. We thank you for your support during this time. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Now is the perfect time to trial new classes if you would like to explore different styles and classes offered at DDC. We offer classes in:


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All term fees will be deducted fortnightly in 5 payments, This is to ensure that if there is another wave of Covid-19 and DDC is asked to shut down we can cease payments and you are protected.

Health & Safety


Children 6yrs and younger can have one parent or guardian in the foyer to assist their child if necessary. If you have a child older than 6yrs who requires additional support, please let us know. Any parent who needs to enter DDC will be required to sign in at the front desk



Students and teachers will be required to stay home if they notice ANY symptoms, even minor. Please let us know if you have been tested and the results of the test. If a student becomes symptomatic at DDC they will need to tell the teacher/s present. They will be asked to put on a mask and enter the isolation room (Jackie’s Office) their parent/s will be called to collect from DDC. You will be required to be tested and must notify DDC of these results.


Before Class

Drop Students off at the front carpark at DDC studios and Students should wait out the front of the DDC building at the sliding doors wearing their dance clothes (underneath their extra layers for warmth). The teacher will open the sliding doors a few minutes be- fore the schedules class start time. Students will leave their shoes and belongings in the hallway before entering the hall. There will be disinfectant for students to use upon entry. No parents will be allowed into the foyer or studios. Please note that any use of the change rooms and kitchens will not be permitted.


During Class

There will be positions marked on the floors/barres as to where students should stand. All barres will be wiped down before students move on to the centre work. Students are asked to maintain social distancing before, during and after class. If students need to use the bathroom, they can go one person at a time (they will be required to sanitise their hands before returning to class).


After Class

Students will exit the studio, collect their belongings from the hallway and exit the build- ing from the back door (between the office and studio 1). Pick Students up at the back DDC carpark. No parents will be allowed into the foyer or studios. The change rooms will not be available to students. Barres, handles and other high touch surfaces will all be wiped down and disinfected in between classes